Saints’Quarter Episode Two Kickstarter Campaign

Saints‘Quarter has kicked off it’s Kickstarter campaign for it’s second graphic novel of the series. Be sure to watch the video and take a look at all the exclusive stretch goals & goodies as this may be your only opportunity to be a part of something big!

Saints’Quarter is a webcomic series about an odd little neighborhood between Brooklyn and Queens, NY, and the people both magical, non, or Otherwise, who live there. When two new residents move into the ‘Quarter with the help of their witchy cousins, they find themselves in the middle of more and more strange and unusual happenings, even by the standards of their new home.

Following the events of Halloween and the day after in the ‘Quarter, Lucas and Roe have little time to celebrate their victories of a new job or new apartment as Robin arrives with very unexpected news…  in

– From the Saints’Quarter Kickstarter Page

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