About Webcomic News

Webcomic News is quite frankly, news about comics on the web. The site was created due to a distinct lack of unifying webcomic resources outside of social media.

Wiggly Dude

During the mid and late 2000s, there were fantastic resources and creator communities such as Xavier Xerxes’ Comixtalk/Comixpedia and Fesworks’ hard work on multiple informative projects like WebcomicZ. Other blog sites are still around but many of them are on a more personal level and focus on a gonzo journalism method where their perspective is at the forefront of the articles.

Sites like Webmonkey Ash’s TheWebcomicList used to be an all-in-one resource for readers and creators but the once incredibly active forum has been closed off and much of the rest of the site may be abandoned. ComicSpace hasn’t existed for well over a decade.

There’s no replacing these sites and their creators’ contributions to the popularization of many staple webcomics but we will be attempting to fill the vacuum of these beloved sites by sharing webcomic news and reviews designed for readers and creators alike.

Submissions & Press Releases

We wanna hear from you! If you have something you’d love to share with us (milestones, merchandise launches, tutorials, and events are welcome!) please reach out via social media on the following sites. DMs are totally okay for this purpose but please do not abuse this privilege.


The website and the majority of the content is maintained by Mike Jensen. An old hat webcartoonist and enthusiast coming back to the scene after a long hiatus raising a family. Help and support by the various people who contribute to Webcartooning and their various social media groups.

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