The Tapas manga Memoria comes to a close this month. Read the entire story in its entirety from the beginning here:

At 28 years old, Katarina Ramsay is smart, beautiful, and a total workaholic who prides herself on her perfect memory and attention to detail. When her handsome boss gives her a huge project with a potential promotion attached, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. However, lately, she’s been acting strangely. Coming in late to work, forgetting her keys, and even forgetting where the office is — what’s going on in her head? And while she keeps forgetting the short-term, why does the past, especially a certain someone, keep coming back to her?

Writers: Aoi & blackchizcake
Artist: kopidepresso
Color: cindcc07
Storyboard: Cen
Editor: Gabrielle Luu

– From the Tapas Series Description